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some photo-based works

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Here are some recent photo-based works for your attention. 
Any of you can join this company, so don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like a mini-copy of yourself... or someone you love... or hate:-) whoever:-) 
Your ideas are welcome!

Jul 2 2017

Another Jean-Claude

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Another Jean-Claude, ready for a fight. ) This time with much more anathomic details:-)

Jul 1 2017

the fabulous Peter Sellers

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I've really been feeling nostalgic about the Pink Panther, so was more than happy with a chance of coming back to the dear Inspector Clouseau, the fabulous Peter Sellers!:-) The very same image, but... he always managed to look familiar but at the same time freshly-new, and always stunningly funny:-) 

Jun 20 2017

Steve Perry

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Coming back again to Steve Perry, the Journey band frontman. Yet another lady longing for his company, and here he is:-) In slightly different image, though definitely romantic as he's always been:-)

Apr 17 2017

Jean-Claude Van Damme

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Very young Jean-Claude Van Damme, a rather unusual look - neatly dressed for one of his earlist roles as a russian Andrei in the Black Eagle moovie of the 80-s

Mar 12 2017