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Tim Conway & "Mr. Limpet" Don Knotts

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Having played in duet quite a great deal, these two american comics have still never met under such circumstances, produced specially for them by my customer, a nice guy and a great fan of these two:-) 
A bonehead fisherman (Tim Conway) had a "luck" of catching... a merMAN ("Mr. Limpet" by Don Knotts). 

Nov 15 2016

photo-based works

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Here are some recent photo-based works for your attention. 
Any of you can join this company, so don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like a mini-copy of yourself... or someone you love... or hate:-) whoever:-) 
Your ideas are welcome!

Sep 16 2016

"Journey" vocal and frontman - Steve Perry.

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One more clay guy for a charming lady, a true collector and a life-long admirer of the prominent "Journey" vocal and frontman - Steve Perry.
Holding a mike ready for a love ballad just for her :-)
#steveperry #journey #mikekviner #ooak #polymerclay

Aug 12 2016

John Pinette sculpture by Mike K viner

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Among my recent works this one is probably the most exciting:-) 
The John Pinette, the giant sense of humour in the not less giant body, a complex of heavy meal with light philisophy - a really harmonious personality he was. 
So the Disney's Bacchus disguise seems to reflect his life approach and priorities in the most picturesque way. 
An optimistic piece, isn't it ? :)

Jul 8 2016

Clint Eastwood by Mike K. Viner

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A fabulous western guy in his alternative, rather more civil guise, as a golf profy. With a golf tee in the corner of his mouth instead of his early-western cigar, holding a golf club as a gun:-), dressed stylishly in his personal trademark golf outfit. The image generated by a customer knowing him personally just in this amplua. I still made his iconic "sceptical" look as a trademark.

May 12 2016