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Donald Trump caricature sculpture

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And Here some pictures of my caricature sculpture of 45th and current president of the United States, at least his upper part hopefully must be regognized:-) 
The original idea and compound image intepretation belong to a customer, targeting on an ambitious project "Celebrity Babez"

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Feb 9 2019

Adam Smith & testimonial from OXFORD!

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Well, I probably shouldn't boast but.. a testimonial from OXFORD is something I can't keep from sharing with you!  

My Adam Smith, The Father of Economics, managed to gain their sympathy and goes to their museum, to my greatest honor and pride. Dear sirs, thank you for this chance to touch a legend!

Jan 11 2019

Damien Chazelle, the La La Land author, the youngest Oscar-winning director

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Friends!!, first of all Happy New 2019 to all of you and thank you for being with me and my art! I was lucky to get a fantastic NY present from my great friend and true collector from France owning the largest exposition of my works at the moment:-) Thanks to his efforts now I've got signatures of two legendary Oscar nominants on my works - Tim Burton few monthes ago and now... Damien Chazelle, the La La Land author, the youngest Oscar-winning director - that is why I made him wearing the moonshoes of another pioneer Neil Armstrong from his "First Man"... with drumsticks in his pocket of his another genious-character from ingenious "Whiplash" The greates honour and the best possible present to me!

Jan 4 2019

Polymer Week magasine published an interview with me!

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Dear Friends! Few months ago a printed art magasine Polymer Week published an interview with me speaking about my art and life:-) 
The article is accompanied by high-quality pictures of my works, here goes a photo. 
Many thanks to all the editorial team for cooperation and great job the've done!
For those of you interested here is the link where you may buy an edition: 
For reading my interview - look for "summer 2018"

Dec 3 2018

Paul McCartney caricature sculpture

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Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE, no real point to list all his achievements and contributions to humanity - if you recognized him you will know for sure that he is just a Fab, as simple as that

Nov 3 2018