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Tim Burton with my Edward Scissorhands!

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Unsurpassed Tim Burton in flesh and blood with my Edward Scissorhands in clay!! Two of them met and got aquainted thanks to my great friend and true collector from France. Its awesome to get an autograph from the Edward's creator!

Sep 28 2018

legendary NBA player - Larry Bird!

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My caricature sculpture of legendary NBA player - Larry Bird!!

Sep 24 2018

my Stephen King sculpture - IT is something!

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Incomparable Stephen King - IT is something!

Aug 18 2018

caricature of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode

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My caricature of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode in the sample of 2018

Jul 20 2018

The Police project - Sting

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The third one from The Police project - Sting. The Synchronicity period, his well-known well-torn clothes were really SOME Experience:-) The projecy is finished! 

Jun 2 2018