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Exhibition in Haifa 2013

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There was an Exhibition taking place in Haifa Auditorium 15th-18th of August 2013. There were presented author dolls and figurines. I was happy to participate in this great event. A thorough photo report from the exhibition is available on my FB page .

Aug 18 2013

Mike's new stunning website is launched!!!

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Dearest friends!
Now, thanks to the exellent work of a true programmer Igor Ratgauzer (his portrait is attached:-), we've got a new sourse of communication.
You are invited to the thoroughly complete gallery of Mike's jolly art works.
You may be efficiently updated on the latest events and news of Mike's artistic life!
You are welcome now to order any sculptured character you fancy, among already existing ones, or an essentially new fulfillment of your imagination!

Jul 26 2013

Nicolas Cage - to fight or not to fight

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Today a new movie star came to light!
Nicolas Cage in his natural amplua, making a hard choice between biblical tolerance and righteous rage. 
Here for your judgment!

Jul 16 2013

Agent K - Tommy Lee

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Men in Black..  "We are no-one. Our mission is to monitor extraterrestrial activity on Earth"..
Agent K.. "Sort of a surly, older gentleman, smiles like this :-\..."
Apparently doesnt approve smoking..

Jun 27 2013

Al Pacino - a devil look

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A greatest master in his greatest role, a perfect mixture of wisdom and evil.
"Vanity is my favourite sin"...
He is looking at you personally, think it over!

Jun 10 2013