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Nicolas Cage - to fight or not to fight

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Today a new movie star came to light!
Nicolas Cage in his natural amplua, making a hard choice between biblical tolerance and righteous rage. 
Here for your judgment!

Jul 16 2013

Agent K - Tommy Lee

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Men in Black..  "We are no-one. Our mission is to monitor extraterrestrial activity on Earth"..
Agent K.. "Sort of a surly, older gentleman, smiles like this :-\..."
Apparently doesnt approve smoking..

Jun 27 2013

Al Pacino - a devil look

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A greatest master in his greatest role, a perfect mixture of wisdom and evil.
"Vanity is my favourite sin"...
He is looking at you personally, think it over!

Jun 10 2013

A prominant showman Ivan Urgant has got his mini-twin!

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Ivan Urgant, a Russian TV star, and just a nice guy, got a new rather similar-looking friend and a partner for his popular TV show "Evening Urgant".
Both of them were pleased to meet and will hopefully share now their hard TV routine:-)
Ivan made a presentation of his companion in Instagram.

May 28 2013